Wednesday, October 17, 2012

need to be better at this

ok so i think i really need to be better at this. i jsut seem i remember to do this realyl late at night when i cant sleep and then i never write a post. so a little about us Lee and I got married almost 4 yrs ago. its will be 4 years this Halloween. we have two female dogs sandy and lulu no kids yet.  when lee and i got married, lee was in the army. now he is out and we moved to texas  i work two jobs , have a church calling wiht the cub scouts ( so am a cub scout learder) and trying to start a side bussiness in making hair accesories and butaneirs and croasesa and wreathes and also taking photos. the buissness name is Spoiled Rotten Designs. Lee started a new job this week as a corectional officer at the county Jail and it seams like its going to work out.

since we have been married we have lived in only 2 states and 5 houses. i never thought i would miss GA but i do ( thats were we lived in the army). i miss all our friends there and beening so close to lee's family over there. but now we are close to my family but i have never been reallyclose to my family in the other sense. but i know it wont be the last time we get together wiht lees family. and hey if this job works out lee will be able to put in for a transfer to south africa were alot of his family is which would be an exciting and new advantager i wouldnt mind taking.

well i hope i will get better at this soon if not later.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Here we go...

So here we go..... I finaly caved in. I have been reading all my friends blogs for a while now and have been thinking about starting one. Well here we are. Starting a blog and hopefuly keeping up with it as well.